Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Care plans are so fun
They don't fit on my thumb
To some it is their chum
Oh care plans are so fun.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summertime Haikus

Call today painful.
It's one-hundred eight degrees
Oh, Arizona
I'm feeling the heat,
 avoiding the blazing sun,
 increasing boredom.
I dream of the beach,
See you soon, California
I want vacation.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Billowing smoke across the winter snow
Over runs my dreary drooping eyes
Low and thusk the stinging saline formed
Drops and lolls across my chaded cheek
Harping memories, distant, dark and bleak
Kissed me as the one whom I have mourned
Should have known it was mere flowering lies
Harping pleasantries across thy lips did flow
Fall back to wistful winters long ago.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ah, to stay up late and sleep in late,
At first thoughts it does sound great.
Have fun, watch movies, and eat candy.
The idea is simply innocent and dandy.
But the next morning you awake,
Finding the whole morning you forsake.
The sun in the sky says it's midday.
Now you must work without delay.
With so much to do you miss your mourning.
Wishing you did not ignore your alarm's warning.
There is so much to do. You cannot complete.
And at the end of the day you will admit defeat.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Verse Of A Nurse

Heather McRae


Published for and dedicated to D4…

May D4-ce be with you!

How Heather became a nurse student you ask?

Well, one evening at dinner, her mother did gasp

“You should be a nurse; it is a fine job.”

To this Heather put down her shish ka kabob .

And replied with a sneer, “I will not. I won’t

I much rather kiss crazy Prince Henry DeBaunt!

A great engineer—now that’s what I will be.

No girls will go there, I’ll be special you see.”

So off in her classes she proudly excelled.

But she found no great passion and one day just yelled,

“I can take it no more… What good will I do?

I just must switch my major and bid this adieu.

To help people directly and make them feel well.”

And now as she said this her great heart did swell.

Her new major now nursing, she found a new joy

A passion, a love even more than a boy!

Her classes were hard but she took on the quest.

On evenings she studied and rarely did rest.

But it all paid off. In the end she had A’s!

Now applying to nursing school was her new craze.

It took many weeks, then that too was done.

She sat back and sighed, “hope I am not outdone”

She waited for months, but it seemed to her years.

Till one day in April the letter appears

She got into nursing school hip hip hooray!

She partied at dinner, cause this was her day.

Soon she got her supply list. It was a delight.

She went straight to the store for maroon and some white.

Then she bought all her books and a new stethoscope

She exclaimed to her friend, “These will help me I hope.”

She looked back just once when the mail brought her bill.

The sight of which made Heather terribly ill.

Months later it started, the first day of school.

Heather was so excited she started to drool.

All her teachers were smart and were really quite sweet.

And they made sure she never felt sad, incomplete.

Her new peers were all bright and fully dedicated.

And Charlene and Siara were so animated.

Assigned groups of ten, well, D4 was the best.

And their F.O.R. Sue wore a bright tie-dye vest.

They went out to lunches, made t-shirts and more.

And with this fun group they were never a bore.

For they talked and they talked and they laughed and they sang.

And even came up with their very own slang.

The semester went on and some started to fret.

Even though they would study, some grades they’d regret.

To study alone, well, it wasn’t enough.

They would fail even when they thought they knew their stuff.

“Let us study together, ” some started to say.

“For together we’re better, now let’s not delay.”

Each day after class, they would gather and learn.

Teaching subjects they’d stand and each would take a turn.

They would study ‘til each felt that they could learn no more.

In fact, they would study ‘til their brains were sore.

D4 bonded some more through their trial of school.

‘Til their love for each peer was an enviable jewel.

The day of the test, was their hard work enough?

Would they prove themselves to be some great nursing buff?

Yes they were, yes they were. D4 got higher scores!

Their joy was so great that their happiness soars.

Together they conquered the finals and tests.

And at last they could take off the load on their chests.

But within a months time there will be no D4.

And then Heather will leave to catch sleep and then snore.

But she will leave with new hope, she can be a nurse.

“I’ll be culturally competent, wise, and diverse.”

“I can do it. I’ll do it. I’ll be a great nurse.”

…To Be Continued

Monday, October 5, 2009

A government that can give you everything you want,
can take away everything you have.
-Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I have uploaded a youtube video. It should be running in a few hours. 
This video covers my first 24 hours in Juneau.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So they say

They tell me I'm a wandering soul.
But they don't know where I've been.
I've been a long time on this road-
and still haven't found the end.

They tell me I'm a wandering soul-
But to me I'm standing still.
They're the ones who dart around
looking for the end.

They tell me I'm a wandering soul-
But I know where I go.
For life and love and hearth and home,
lie just around the bend.

I found this one written on a napkin and tucked in my journal. I don't remember the story that led to it's inception, but the sentiments still resonate with me.

A wind blown rose

A wind blown rose I came across
on a lonely moor
gold and red its petals shone
on that dreary moor

A wind blown rose once caught my eye
on a lonely moor
Its pure beauty filled my soul
I never thirsted more

A wind blown rose I came across
on life's lonely road
the twisted stem marked the place
I now call my home

A wind blown rose I cam across
there I built my home
Her sweet beauty filled my soul
and I've never thirsted more

This a quick poem I wrote late one afternoon, and while it's not perfect- I like it.